My Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

As part of my quest for less, I’ve started with culling my wardrobe with brute force. Three bin bags later and a lot of folding, I’m down to significantly less that 100 items of clothing, most of which are pieces I completely love. I’ve began to notice where I go wrong with shopping – impulse buys, trendy, and ‘not quite perfect but near enough’ pieces being the most discarded ones – so I’ve managed to narrow down exactly what works for me, and more importantly, the difference between what I find aesthetically pleasing and what I will actually wear day to day.


Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Most of my favourite items are navy, light blue, black, and grey, which for the longest time I’ve fought against and constantly attempted to add colour to no avail. I think I need to accept that I feel my best in neutrals, and that I feel more confident in mixing pattern and layering with items like these than I ever do in bright colours and prints.
  2. I have a uniform of flats, skinny jeans, and a loose button up shirt, and whenever I deviate from it is when I feel the most self-conscious. Being plus sized means that the oversized shirts hide my least favourite body parts (my breasts and my stomach), whereas the skinny jeans highlight my favourite (legs). I also love the effortless look, which can easily be altered by a blazer or jumper over the shirt, and can easily be dressed up or down.
  3. I love more masculine clothes when it comes to my casual outfits – aside from skinny jeans, most of my wardrobe is tailored items, smart flat shoes, and fitted jackets and plain jumpers.


Current Capsule Wishlist:

  1. Some LK Bennett ballet flats in black – my only black flats at the moment are some lovely but rather clumpy tassel loafers
  2. A navy silk shirt – I have my eye on a particular one from work with a delicate floral pattern
  3. A black/ herringbone unstructured blazer – I have a thrifted navy blazer that I live in during spring, but I think something more casual would go with even more in my wardrobe
  4. A white linen t-shirt – despite owning a lot of plain basics, I’m distinctly lacking in a good white t-shirt, and I think linen will be a great fabric to layer with in spring and keep me cool in summer


Style Inspiration:

  1. Clemence Poesy – fabulous boyish French chic. I can’t get enough of her outfits and natural make-up look.
  2. This blog – the blogger lives between Paris and Amsterdam, and shares my love for oversized shirts. I’ve read her blog from beginning to end several times.
  3. My own Pinterest board – I’ve finally started collecting all of my wardrobe basics inspiration in one place, and hey, I’m not afraid to say I’m occasionally inspired by myself.


If you have a capsule wardrobe, what are your inspirations and motivations? If not, would you ever try one?

4 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

  1. Loved that you said “what I find aesthetically pleasing and what I will actually wear day to day” because that is a thing I struggled a lot with at the beginning. Not necessarily everything you find pretty also works for you, that is definitely something I needed to learn.


    1. I feel like that has been such a huge step in controlling my shopping – although I love mixing prints and vintage-inspired full skirts and heels I know it’s not something I would feel comfortable walking around in, nor something that suits my body type. Now my style inspiration is a laid back Parisian one, and it’s seriously helped me hone my style.

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  2. I believe having a personal sense of style is key to feeling good in not only your clothes, but your skin. You just walk and talk with more confidence when you look, and more importantly feel good. Personally, I’m at the age [61] where I want to look my age without sacrificing style and comfort. I’m a “hot mess” at home, but when I go out I like to wear my clothes well. I need color being dark-skinned, and used to go with lots of red. Since, I’ve happily graduated to lighter colors like lavender and powder blue, teal, and fuchsia.

    I wear chunky-heeled boots a lot in winter, and have to be careful about buying too many pairs of those, especially shopping online. Shoes have got to have chunkier, lower heels. I definitely have more than 100 pieces, but the pieces I do have work with a multitude of looks. Slowly, but surely, I’m changing my wardrobe to reflect a more futuristic style of dressing. I’m hooked on this look. I also favor the 70’s. Although, I don’t follow any particular designer, I sure do love looking at pictures of their work.


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