I sat down this afternoon, bullet journal in hand, and decided to make a condensed list of my #readingfromhome TBR since at the moment picking from 74 books feels a little overwhelming.

I went through my list, thinking about which books I was desperately excited to read, and which I thought would be five star reads for me. After sifting through them, my condensed list – the books I was really excited about – came to 20.

20. Less than a third of my TBR that I actually feel excited about.

Before starting this reading challenge, I did a monumental clear-out of my books, giving two huge bags of them away to a charity shop. Even then, after all that discarding, I was left with 54 books I’m not that excited to read. It does mean that now I’m a bit stuck – do I donate these too? Do I put these books on somewhat of a probation, where if I don’t pick them up within a certain amount of time then they’re on their way out?

I’ve not fully decided what I’m going to do with these other books yet, but this has definitely helped me think more about why I bought these books even when I’m not excited about them, and what books need to do to earn their place on my shelves.



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