Taking a break from the bookish community.

Hi guys, today I wanted to talk a little bit about why I'm making the decision to step back from bookish social media. I love books. They're in every room in my house, I wax lyrical about recent reads to anyone who will listen, and obviously, love them enough to run two blogs around them. … Continue reading Taking a break from the bookish community.


On Not Feeling Good Enough

I've been trying to make a piece of content - blog post, video, instagram post, whatever - for weeks now. Every time I write I tell myself no-one will see it. Every time I film something I tell myself I'm just adding to the oversaturated community and not adding anything valuable. Every time I go … Continue reading On Not Feeling Good Enough

Hygge + Happiness: Books About Denmark

As I'm sure anyone who has wondered into a bookshop recently will know (or reads any lifestyle blogs, for that matter), almost every middle-class Brit is talking about Denmark and hygge - myself included. Over the last few months publishers have been capitalising on the trend, with literal stacks of titles sporting the buzzword, offering cosiness … Continue reading Hygge + Happiness: Books About Denmark

Consumerism in the Bookish Community

I've felt for a while, especially as someone who mainly interacts with the book blogging community through Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube, that there seems to be an overwhelming emphasis on the attainment, rather than the enjoyment, of books.   Although I appreciate a good shelfie as much as the next bookworm - especially as they … Continue reading Consumerism in the Bookish Community