Decisions, Discarding, and Donating

I sat down this afternoon, bullet journal in hand, and decided to make a condensed list of my #readingfromhome TBR since at the moment picking from 74 books feels a little overwhelming. I went through my list, thinking about which books I was desperately excited to read, and which I thought would be five star … Continue reading Decisions, Discarding, and Donating


4 Literary Podcasts

I'm going to be chatting about something a bit different today, and that's my favourite literary podcasts. It was only about a year ago that I even discovered that bookish podcasts were a 'thing', but they've been fabulous for getting unusual recommendations and filling my 40 minute commute to university with something more productive than … Continue reading 4 Literary Podcasts

7 Things You Will Actually Need at University

It's that time of year again when hundreds of posts are circulated around university age people, listing everything from bedding your mum picked out to a colander that your flatmate will definitely steal three weeks into first term. When lists try to tell you absolutely everything you might possibly need, they get overwhelming and (for … Continue reading 7 Things You Will Actually Need at University