Review – How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Hello everyone! I've finally made another YouTube video, this time reviewing Matt Haig's amazing new book How to Stop Time. Enjoy!


Mid-Year Reading Stats 2017

As we've just finished June, and I'm well underway with this year's reading challenge (upped to 60 books from 50 because I had an unbelievably quick start to the year with some shorter books) I thought I'd share a breakdown of what I've been reading so far, what I've loved, and what I've hated.   … Continue reading Mid-Year Reading Stats 2017

Review: Coffee Boy, Austin Chant

After graduation, Kieran expected to go straight into a career of flipping burgers—only to be offered the internship of his dreams at a political campaign. But the pressure of being an out trans man in the workplace quickly sucks the joy out of things, as does Seth, the humorless campaign strategist who watches his every … Continue reading Review: Coffee Boy, Austin Chant