Giving up on a classic

In recent months I've become much more cutthroat with putting down books that I'm not completely invested in. Mostly it's books that I don't feel bad about leaving unfinished - Carry On and Prep being recent examples of this - and due to what I can only describe as genre snobbery I gave myself a free pass for … Continue reading Giving up on a classic


The Music Shop – Review

1988. Frank owns a music shop. It is jam-packed with records of every speed, size and genre. Classical, jazz, punk – as long as it’s vinyl he sells it. Day after day Frank finds his customers the music they need.  Then into his life walks Ilse Brauchmann. Ilse asks Frank to teach her about music. … Continue reading The Music Shop – Review

Review: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

Star rating: 3/5 Synopsis: This book consists of fictional documents relating to the triple homicide committed by Roderick Macrae, a 19th century crofter from the Scottish highlands. Through witness accounts, Macrae's own memoir and a transcript of the trial, the story unfolds with unanswered questions and a slew of unreliable narrators. Review: Although there was nothing particularly … Continue reading Review: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet